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Two Hours One Life

Two Hours One Life is an unofficial release of the popular open source game, One Hour One Life originally created by Jason Rohrer.

To quote Jason himself, “This game is about playing one small part in a much larger story.”

Welcome to a “multiplayer survival game of parenting and civilisation building.”

Our main difference is the ability to live twice as long as you usually would (hence the name). Along with this we also offer many unique mechanics and play styles from the official game.

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Whilst Two Hours One Life will always be free to play for any person, the bills still need be paid to keep the lights on around here.

We’re committed to never putting you in a position where you’re pressured to pledge for benefit or advancements in the game.

Regardless, any amount of support, monetary or not, is greatly appreciated and will go directly back into the game.

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Have an eye for art? A knack for C++? Just want to provide moral support or learn some weird software?

No matter what skill you may posses, we encourage all who are interested in volunteering their time towards this project to get in touch with us.

We’re a flexible team located across the globe, collaborating to deliver what it is the community is striving for.

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