What is Two Hours One Life?

We are a private modded server of One Hour, One Life.

With the aim of the game being the same, you play a small part in a bigger picture. Leaving your mark on civilization in just two hours! You will face challenges on your journey and countless decisions to ensure your survival, this can be a challenging but rewarding task as you see your future generations continuing your Settlement, Village, Town or Empire!


Two Hours One Life is a FREE to play game although it is a mod of One Hour One Life it is completely standalone.


Do I need One Hour One Life to play?
No, Two Hours One Life is a free standalone game that does not require One Hour One Life to run.
Why is my game not working?
Please make sure you have downloaded the correct version, the latest version can be found here. If you have One Hour One Life, When extracting the folder make sure you extract the folder to a different location. If you are still having issues please use our Discord channel #game-help.
How do I get a key for Two Hours One Life?
Players need to sign up for an account at Register in order to receive a game key. Once the account has been verified, please check your profile page for the key.
I created an account but have not received a verification email?
Please check your spam folder for an email from noreply@twohoursonelife.com. If you have not received the email after 30 minutes, please whitelist noreply@twohoursonelife.com and contact a team member to resend your verification email. Please be patient, team members are volunteers and it make take a while to respond.
Where can I find my key?
Your key can be found in the profile section of this website once your account has been authenticated.
I’m getting a “Login Failed” message when I try login to the game.
Please make sure that you are using the email address associated with your Two Hours One Life account and the key from your Two Hours One Life profile page.
I can’t log into the website?
Please make sure you are using the username and not your email address.
My game is glitched all the sprites have changed, How do I fix this?
You have most likely eaten a mushroom, the effects should eventually wear off.
How do I make…
For the moment any recipes for items found in One Hour One Life please use One Tech (You may find items that have not been implemented into Two Hours One Life). If the item you are looking for does not appear on this site you can use the tab feature in game to cycle through recipes for the item you have clicked on or ask our helpful community on #general.


  • Beekeeping

    Create your own hives to produce that glorious tasting honey, be careful though this is a dangerous hobby!

  • Brewing

    Even in a survival situation you need to take a break and enjoy life, become a master brewer and start your own bar.

  • Cheese Making

    Making cheese is a long process but has a big payout, it is used for sandwiches which is what you want when going on that adventure.

  • Silk Making

    Great for making various items such as Tents, Windmills and Clothes to ensure your survival.

  • Shrines

    Praise the Gods and the Gods will provide, worship your dead and protect them from thieves and the Gods will bless you.

  • 81 Unique Keys

    With 81 different key combinations houses or bases can be more secure then ever.

  • Tents & Robes

    Escape the harsh weather with silk robes and create temporary bases.

  • Currency

    Show off your wealth or keep the gold in piles for later use.

  • Balanced PVP

    Each element of fighting can be countered by another, tools such as knifes can not harm other players.

  • Wine Making

    Having a fancy meal or just enjoying the most out of life, making wine is an art form.

  • Cheroots

    Increase your movement speed and productivity, who said smoking was bad for you?


We welcome almost all suggestions


  • Templar

  • Avalon

  • Bagget Republic

  • Common Wealth

  • Ivory Empire

  • Lucky Foot

  • Meow Empire

  • Oblivion

  • Sparta